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Thorough Tile & Grout Cleaning

Grout Before and After Cleaning

Prepare to be amazed when your tile and grout are cleaned by the experts at First Quality Cleaning. Based in North Wales, Pennsylvania, we provide full-service tile and grout cleaning. We clean:

• Porcelain Tiles • Ceramic Tiles • Natural Stone Tiles • Grout Lines

Maintaining Clean Tile & Grout

Sealing your tile, grout, ceramic, and stone surfaces is important in protecting your tile installation and keeping it clean and looking beautiful. Your tile and grout floors are incredibly durable, and a great investment. They must be vacuumed, disinfected, and occasionally steam cleaned in order to maintain a clean surface.

Removing Tough Stains

As tough as tile and grout cleaning is, it is very important. Avoid using products containing bleach and other cleaning solutions. They don't work because microscopic grout pores allow dirt to easily become trapped below the grout surface, where they can't be removed with normal cleaning.

The dirt continues to build up inside the grout, leaving the tile and grout looking dark, dirty, and discolored. This dirty grout buildup is also an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Tile Cleaning

Steam Cleaning Your Tile & Grout

Our exclusive tile and grout cleaning process cleans and restores your tile and grout lines. In addition, our specialized grout steam cleaning process removes stubborn stains and years of soil buildup. Better yet, it is 100% green. The water is super-heated to 250°F, jet-sprayed onto the tile, and then instantly sucked back into the truck. This prevents the need to use harsh chemicals on your tile flooring. We can protect all types of tile, grout, and stone surfaces.

Contact us at (215) 368-8812 in North Wales, Pennsylvania, to have your tile and grout sealed, restored, and finished to prevent mold from developing.